Ubuntu Ultimate - Final Release
Ubuntu Ultimate
update: full theme now available completely free!!
add the repo
theme.ipod-hacking.com to ur cydia sources and enjoy


-Tapping the power button resprings
-Functional Widgets! (clock, calendar, weather)
-Landscape Lockscreen
-Iconoclasm Layouts (no blanks!!)
-Fully functional menus/pages using springjumps and categoriesSB
-User wallpaper! you just change wallpaper in settings!
-iSetup for automated install and uninstall, SO MUCH EASIER
-Actual icons this time
-UI, safari, n music player themed
-PSD to make your own icons
-Will come with a bunch of wallpapers(feel free to request)
-landscape badges

Secured URL

Things You Must Know:
-springbacks made on firmware 3.1.2 idk if that makes a difference yet
-contact me privately about issues to avoid confusion ([email protected]) or MSN (preferred) at ([email protected]), i will not check the msn email tho, last time so many ppl emailed me there and i didnt check for months
-if you want to post this elsewhere.. CONTACT ME
-springback causes some settings changes such as brightness/alarmclock/tvout etc

ios 3.1.x
categories and categoriesSB
lockscreen clockhide

Installation Process

-get required apps
-add my repo
-download it and let isetup scripts do their work
-run the springback to ur device to arrange icons
-arrange remaining icons (setup section below)
-setup: weather, make you own icons, overlay.png

-i advise going through and just adding to the categories first, because otherwise you will get overwhelmed arranging everything
-add 15 apps to each category. for example add 15 apps in "Games 1" 15 more in "Games 2" etc leave some out for the menus
-while arranging apps if u accidently move something so that everything goes wacko just find the app u moved, try respring and such, one little thing can either cause everything to move or go back into place
-PSD template for 'User' text in "library" in theme directory
-PSD icon tempate in "icons" in theme directory
-page 1+ dock icon images are symlinked to 1,2,3,4,5 respectively in "dock" folder in theme directory, obviously do the first page (Page0) with the app itself, feel free to request a icon
-edit configureme.js in ubuntu wether widget in themes directory for weather location

-there will be points where I update the package on the repo. You must not update right from cydia. You have to uninstall then install it again. Failure to follow this could result in file/script relationship issues and you may have to manually fix the theme/lose settings/layouts/categories etc
-i made a script that will keep most of ur settings and automatically create a springback when u remove it so no worries about having to redo everything

-Me but not without Secured URL
-Dan (Secured URL that i love so much)
-Alistair - teh OG beta tester!
-those who contributed icons
-Wynwarrior - indirectly helping me on a load of stuff
-and everyone else who tested this in the public beta and gave lotta tough feedback!