Version 1.2 available in Cydia



Compatible with: iPhone 4, 4s or iPod touch with Retina Display and iOS 5.0 to 5.1.1


Gridlock (to freely place your icons)
Iconoclasm (for the new left aligned 3x3 icon layout)
PerPageHTML+ (for the different Notebook pages and widgets)

Springjumps (OPTIONAL, only needed for the "Back" button)
FolderIcons (OPTIONAL, but recommended)
WeatherIcon (needed for the weather widgets)
Zeppelin (OPTIONAL, just needed for the carrier logo)


1. Install the needed apps like written
2. Start the springjumps app and enable only springjumps 0. Tap on the springjumps0 text and name it "back", "home", "today" or anything else.
NOTE: DON`T enable the page title function of the springjumps app
3. Place only the safari and the springjumps0 icon (= back-button) at the dock
4. Start PerPageHTML+, press "select page", choose "Page 1".
Now press "add Widget" and add "NB page TODAY" plus the widgets "NB Widget Clock-Date", "NB Widget RSS reader" and either "NB widget Weather static " or "animated" to your home-page/first page.
For the following pages do the same, choose e. g. "Page 2" and add "NB page FAVORITES". You can also add the widgets to all other pages if you want. You decide about number and order of all pages and use of the widgets.
Note: At PerPageHTML+ my Widgets start with "NB Widget...." and the notebook backgrounds with "NB page..."
5. Start Iconoclasm, enable Iconoclasm and then choose my new layout "NoteBook"
6. Create a matching folder with some apps for each of your pages.
7. Start the app Foldericons, enable Foldericons, set it up like shown at the 3 attached screenshots and choose one folder icon for each page. E.g: for the homescreen create a folder called "social" or anything else and select my social icon for it.
8. Enable this theme (plus one of the color mods if wanted) at WinterBoard. Don´t forget to ENABLE the "SummerBoard mode" too.

Optional also enable the new SBSettings theme, Lockinfo theme, Zeppelin logo and SnowCover4 theme at the appropriate apps/settings.

Color Keyboard::
The popups for the keyboard are part of the UIImages-folder of this theme and installed, no need to choose it seperatly at CK.

Enable the theme "NoteBook" and the Portrait and Landscape backgrounds of NoteBook (->"Customize Backgrounds") for both "iPhone-Standard" and "iPhone-Alert" at ColorKeyboard.
Tip: Install the freeware "ShowCase" from Cydia to have upper- and lowercase letters