Iíve reviewed tons of DreamBoard themes over the last 6 months, and Iíve stumbled upon some really spectacular work.

Themes such as Asymmetric HD and AppleWeb HD set high bars for what to expect out of the DreamBoard framework.

As good as those themes are, nothing could prepare me for the meticulously detailed OS X Lion Ultimatum, which is far and away the best iPhone theme Iíve ever seen or used

To pull off this amazing feat, the developer orchestrated a collection of other tweaks to do things like hide the status bar, and add a custom lock screen. Itís possible that this could be a turnoff for some, but if you want the full effect of the theme, itís a compromise I recommend making.

As of now, OS X Lion Ultimatum is still in the beta phase, but you can snatch up the pre-release version for $3.50. Check out the ModMyi forums for more details on how to get the theme for yourself.


iPhone 4 HD version

[code]http://www.wupload.com/file/171099223/OS X Lion Ultimatum-HD.deb[/code]

iPhone 3Gs SD version

[code]http://www.wupload.com/file/171144266/OS X Lion SD.deb[/code]

The final version of OS X Lion Ultimatum is here!

Installation is simple. You will need to download iFile from Cydia first. Then download your OS X Lion Ultimatum version (HD or SD). After it has downloaded, view it in iFile. Then tap on the file and choose the installer. After it is installed, use iFile and navigate to /DreamBoard and tap on the blue arrow next to the OS X Lion folder. Scroll down and set the Ownership to mobile, mobile. This will allow all the changes you make to the theme to save.
-If you get an error installing the .deb, make sure you delete any previous OS X Lion folders in DreamBoard. It cannot overwrite them, it just gives an error.

You will need to download the following tweaks/apps from Cydia in order to make all the features work:
Respring, QuickLock2, and CrazyDashboard

You may also need one or more of the following tweaks depending on how you decide to set up your status bar. To make life easier I suggest installing all of them before applying the theme and using SBSettings to turn off the ones you don't need when prompted by the installer:
No Status, CleanStatus, and ArrangeStatusBar

You will need to install ColorKeyboard to get the included keyboards to work. There are also WinterBoard themes to go with the keyboards that theme the lock passcode pop up if you use a passcode.

You will need to install animate from Cydia to get the animated boot logo to work. Once installed, navigate to Settings: BootLogo: and select Lion Boot Logo.

After you install the theme in DreamBoard, open WinterBoard and select the corresponding theme for your status bar choice. "OS X Lion Ultimatum WB" is for if you chose the 1st or 3rd status bar option and "OS X Lion Show Status Bar" is for if you chose the 2nd status bar option.

Enjoy the theme