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Thread: VIP HD + SD 1.1 by FIF7Y

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    Default VIP HD + SD 1.1 by FIF7Y

    Hi all, well it was long... after a change of name (Actinium > VIP) and a complete overhaul of the UI, icons and ... well just about everything in the end.
    This is by far my most detailed theme, it includes unique skin concepts and an amazing set of icons.
    Of course as for all my themes it is available in HD & SD.

    Without further ado i present : VIP Theme

    Teaser on YouTube :

    and finally a few screenshots

    Ok let's start with some extra stuff...

    ProgressGears animations... (i personally love 'em) they look so different and nice on the iDevices, even in SD.
    they're not that fast in real life

    Statusbar version:

    Large version :

    Personalized Messages (SMS) bubbles... and interface

    And a few icons

    1.1 Changelog:
    more icons....

    DOWNLOAD .deb file:

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