by Alien1974

DARKSTAR was the first theme that i created more than a year ago for iPhone 3G,but i never released it...
A theme inspired on the ALIENWARE world.
Celebrating my first year in this community,I bring you a reinvetion of it.But is nothing compared to my old DARKSTAR.
This theme can not even compare to my previous ones.
I spend long times studying the stock iPhone theme to bring some new UI elemnts that I had never touched.You will see once you download this.

DARKSTAR is a "Plug-n-Play" theme,meaning that it nor requiere any setup at all,Just install DARKSTAR.theme and enjoy
I also include various options to make this theme more fun.
Things like PerPageHTML files for a NAV system that you will love (PerPageHTML,Sprinjumps and InfiniDock (or equivalent) are required for the NAV system.

See the screenshots to get an idea...all in HD so you get the full visuals.

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