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Thread: Prestige HD & SD v1.2

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    New Prestige HD & SD v1.2

    by fif7y

    Prestige Theme HD is a brand new and very different kind of theme. Classy, impressively complete and ready for your iPhone4 Retina display. It's a soft interface that won't feel agressive on your eyes and that you won't get tired of after a couple days of usage This theme not only includes hundreds of homemade icons but also the entire system UI has been carefully redesigned and tweaked to feel as native as possible.

    Wallpaper and Lockscreen : (you can download the the HD version, save it to your PhotoRoll and apply them in your to have the REAL HD versions at all times)
    Click the Links in the Extras.

    Extras included :
    - 2 SBSettings Themes
    - Facet Widget (3D spinning Cube)
    - 3 Weather, Date and Time Widgets (Springboard)
    - SnowCover4 Theme
    - Templates for icons, loading screens and Lockscreen

    To be added :
    - iAcces Keyboard
    - Color Mods
    - Extra LockScreens (animated)
    - Facet for Springboard
    - and more...

    Prestige v1.1
    HD:Secured URL
    Secured URL

    SD: Secured URL
    Secured URL

    Prestige v1.2

    HD: Secured URL

    SD: Secured URL

    HD: Secured URL

    SD: Secured URL
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