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Thread: Engraved Wood HD iPhone 4 theme,Very nice theme

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    Default Engraved Wood HD iPhone 4 theme,Very nice theme


    This copy of the theme contains the original theme up to version 7.0.1, the homescreen weather widget up to version 1.5.0, and the lockscreen weather widget up to version 1.0.0. Please read the ReadMe.txt files for all the themes for installation directions and features lists. Standard Version for non-retina screen devices is here!

    From the makers of Zelda SoundFX, Lunar Battery, Tinted Glass Icons, and Nerves, come a new theme fully optimized for the new Retina Screen of both iPhone and iPod Touches. Based on classic icons, this theme contains icons that are polished to look as though they were engraved expertly into a wooden plate. After continuous experimentation.

    Theme includes a blank icon that can be used for creating your own icons. They can be forwarded to the developers e-mail and, if good, can be added to the theme package.

    - Full Retina Screen Resolution!
    - Over 350 icons based on their original counterparts, along with customized icons for those who wish to change the appearance of some icons (for example, changing iRealSMS3 icon to the classic Messages icon; icons must be changed in the theme folder using SSH or iFiles)
    - Custom folder icons and backgrounds and multitask bar
    - Many Cydia app customizations: lockinfo, switcherplus, irealsms3, folder enhancer, overboard, biteSMS, snappy, live clock/weather plugins, etc
    - In-App Customizations for most stock applications: Appstore, Clock, Phone, Messages, iPod, Mail, Safari, Calculator, Voice Memos, Calendar, Notes, Maps, Camera, Photos, Settings, etc.
    - By using a new method of UI Themeing, UI themeing of 3rd party applications like facebook and others are now included!
    - Full Media kit customizations
    - Custom Smaller icons for
    - Complete Universal UI Interface including statusbar, inapp taskbars, etc.
    - Custom Weather Widget for lockscreen with striking weather images with added textures depending on weather, custom sliders, and is lockinfo equipped (download "HD Engraved Wood Lock Weather Widget" from Cydia (free add-on)
    - Custom weather widget for homescreen equipped with great weather images with added textures depending on the weather and a customizable dock (download "HD Engraved Wood Weather Widget" from Cydia (free add-on)
    - Customized SBSettings (download "HD Engraved Wood SBS" from Cydia (free add-on)
    - Default images to some applications
    - Optional parts for fonts, wallpapers, opennotifiers, multimusicinfo, and more
    - Also Optional Additions and Alternate Colored Parts: Read "Read Me.txt" for a compiled list and directions.
    - Much Much More (check Update Logs)

    Installation Video Pt 1 of 3:
    Installation Video Pt 2 of 3:

    Installation Video Pt 3 of 3:

    Download :
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