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Upgraded your iOS device to 4.1? Then, good news, you have Game Center. This is Apple’s single-sign-in system for playing games with (and against) your friends. But keep in mind that not all games are compatible.

What products work with Game Center? You’ll need a:

iPod touch 4th generation
iPod touch 3rd generation
iPod touch 2nd generation
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4

Game Center lets friends — and soon-to-be-friends — in on the action. Invite someone to join, then get a game going. Or go up against people you don’t know, from anywhere in the world, in a multiplayer game. It’s your world. Everyone else is just playing in it.

Leaderboards and achievements. Score some bragging rights.
Take a look at leaderboards and see how your score ranks against your friends, as well as all players of each game. You can also compare game achievements with your friends. Check out leaderboards and achievements through the Game Center app and through each individual game. And let the smack talk begin.

Meet your match.
Say you want to get a multiplayer game going. Auto-match will find your friends if they happen to be looking for an auto-match, too. Otherwise, it will set you up with a soon-to-be-friend from anywhere around the world. You can also choose to invite friends and have auto-match fill the number of players needed for a game.

Post your GameCenter ID and discuss about anything related to GameCenter. Feel free to post your high scores and which games are compatible with GameCenter.