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Thread: 1850+ Cracked App Store Apps Releases Weekly Torrents (IPA's) (Updated Vol 4)

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    Default 1850+ Cracked App Store Apps Releases Weekly Torrents (IPA's) (Updated Vol 4)

    Hey there guys. Sorry to break it to you but due to several problems with the cracking team as of now there will be no more updates in form of a weekly package. Will start uploading torrents as and when it will be possible. Mods kindly unsticky this thread.

    Tutorial for those who have not done this yet, for installing cracked IPA's onto your iphone.

    PART I
    1) Make sure your iPhone/ipod Touch is jailbroken /w 2.1 and iTunes 8
    2) Open Cydia and install any recommended updates.
    3) Install Open SSH.
    4) Restart your phone.

    1) SSH into your phone, navigate to the folder: "/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework"
    NOTE: MobileInstallation.framework is a FOLDER!
    2) Backup the file "MobileFramework" from the directory above.
    NOTE: Rename it to MobileFramework.bak (keep it safe)
    3) Download the patched file that I have attached below called mobile installation
    4) Copy the patched MobileFramework file into the "/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework"
    NOTE: MobileInstallation.framework is a FOLDER!
    5) Set permissions to that new file to 775
    6) Navigate to "/private/var/mobile/"
    7) Set permissions to the folder "Applications" to 777
    NOTE: make sure reclusive is checked (meaning it sets all files within the folder to 777)
    8) Navigate into the "/private/var/mobile/applications/ folder
    9) Create a "Documents" folder in the "/private/var/mobile/applications/" folder.
    10) Set the permission to 777
    11) Navigate to the root level.
    12) Navigate into the "/applications/" folder.
    13) Create a "Documents" folder in the "/applications/" folder. Set permission to 777
    12) Reboot your iPhone - IMPORTANT! Otherwise Apps will not install!
    13) Restart iTunes
    14) Download one OFFICIAL App from the app store, if you haven't already.
    NOTE : Those who dont have an iTunes Account and want to set up one but you dont have a credit card then you need to follow the instructions mentioned HERE
    tip: it can be a free app are fine. Just needs to be an OFFICIAL App.

    Part III
    1) Simply double click, or drag and drop the .ipa files into iTunes.
    2) Sync them with your iPhone!
    3) Reboot your phone if the apps do not show up.
    4) Enjoy!

    Those of you who are too lazy to read and just want to watch a video on how to do the above then goto this LINK

    All credits goto pcpaul for putting his time and effort in creating this.

    As there are soo many applications and this post had become really long to maintain I made it shorter by putting all the releases in a txt document and I have attached it. So for those of you who are downloading the first few torrents get the contents from the release list.

    This thread will be updated weekly. All the apps released till date are included in these torrent files and you have the option of downloading the files individually as well so enjoy guys.

    B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 1
    07/08/2008 - - - - 10/08/2008
    Size 101.93 mb
    Secured URL

    B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 2
    11/08/2008 - - - - 17/08/2008
    Size 454 mb
    Secured URL

    B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 3
    17/08/2008 - - - - 24/08/2008
    Size 695 mb
    Secured URL

    B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 4
    24/08/2008 - - - - 31/09/2008
    Size 421 mb
    Secured URL

    B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 5
    31/08/2008 - - - - 07/09/2008
    Size 654 mb
    Secured URL

    B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 6
    07/09/2008 - - - - 14/09/2008
    Size 1.02 gb
    Secured URL

    B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 7
    14/09/2008 - - - - 21/09/2008
    Size 884 mb
    Secured URL

    B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 8
    21/09/2008 - - - - 28/09/2008
    Size 1.67gb
    Secured URL

    B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 9
    28/09/2008 - - - - 05/10/2008
    Size 769mb
    Secured URL

    B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 10
    05/10/2008 - - - - 12/10/2008
    Size 1.19gb
    Secured URL

    Time for a name change iPhone App Pack Volume 1 - i.e. B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 11
    Secured URL

    iPhone App Pack Volume 2 - i.e. B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 12
    Secured URL
    Secured URL

    iPhone App Pack Volume 3 - i.e. B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 13
    Secured URL
    Secured URL

    iPhone App Pack Volume 4 - i.e. B.CAS.R(Best.CrackedAppleStore.Releases) Week 14

    Secured URL


    Secured URL

    02/11/2008 - - - - 09/11/2008

    Size 1.7 GB

    Release Notes

    This Weeks cracked .ipa

    REelease List

    A.I. Disk (v1.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Agents of interpol (V1.001a).Pr0x.ipa
    Alert.Meteor (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Alpha3D Photo Puzzle Platinum (v3.1).ipa
    Alpha3D PhotoPuzzle Lite (v3.2).Pr0x.ipa
    Amazing Sudoku (v1.0.2).Pr0x.ipa
    Ambiance (v1.5.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Asian Unit (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Athletics (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    AutoMangle (1.0.3).Pr0x.ipa
    Backyard Baseball (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Balloonia (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    BiiBall (v0.9.8).Pr0x.ipa
    Blackbeards Assaul (v1.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    BrickEraser (v1.0.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Calgary Traffic (v1.4.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Candy Catch Halloween (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Chain Timer (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    ChartFight (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Check-4 (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    ChemiCal (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    City Bomber (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    ClassicMemo (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Classics (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Clinometer (v2.3).Pr0x.ipa
    Coin In Phone (v1.0.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Constructo Combat(v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Converter (v1.5).Pr0x.ipa
    Crazy Snowboard (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Crit (v68.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Critical Mass (aka Critter) (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Cronk (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Cyber Chess Online (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Dashbuster (v1.1.5).Pr0x.ipa
    Deal.or.No.Deal-Million.Dollar (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    DiaMath (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Diamond Twister (v1.4.2).Pr0x.ipa
    Dictionary (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Dont Fret Guitar Fretboard (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Dont Square (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Dynolicious (2.0).Pr0x.ipa
    ElectionMap (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Elections (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Elevens (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Encyclopedia (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Falling Sands v2.6.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Favorites (v1.0.2).Pr0x.ipa
    FIGHTER PILOT - Dogfight (v1.2).Pr0x.ipa
    Flick Fishing (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Fliparoni (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    FlowMath (v1.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Food Additives (v1.9.3).Pr0x.ipa
    FreshWater Aquarium (v1.03).Pr0x.ipa
    Frisbee Golf (v1.51).Pr0x.ipa
    Fuzzle (v1.3.3).Pr0x.ipa
    Galactic Invasion (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Glyph (1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Google Earth (v1.0.0).Pr0x.ipa
    GuitarRockTour (v1.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Halloween - Cursed Slots (v1.0001).Pr0x.ipa
    Halloween Pumpkinizer (v1.0.2).Pr0x.ipa
    HanDBase Database Manager (v4.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Hangman (v1.6).Pr0x.ipa
    Hip Hop Top 100 (v1.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    HypnoPac (v1.4).Pr0x.ipa
    iBubbleWrap (v1.2.7).Pr0x.ipa
    iCake (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    iCanSketchIt (v2.21).Pr0x.ipa
    iChristmas Tree (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    iChuck Norris Joke Generator (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    iDicto Recorder (v2.0).Pr0x.ipa
    iGasUp (v1.11).Pr0x.ipa
    iHunt (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    iLiga 0809 (v1.2.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Inferno Pool.3D (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    iParrot (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    iProRecorder (v1.2).Pr0x.ipa
    iScores (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    iSilo (v1.30).Pr0x.ipa
    iSpadez (v1.5.1).Pr0x.ipa
    iSpreadsheet (v2.4).Pr0x.ipa
    iWakeUp (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    iXonix (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    iZoo (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Jigsawed Jigsaw Puzzle (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Joes Network Utility (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Kaleido (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Kenny Rogers - Blackjack (v1.0.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Kyodai (v2.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Laze (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Learn Magic ebook (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    LED Football (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Lingolook JAPAN (v2.21).Pr0x.ipa
    LootWars (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    MadShells (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Maths Tool (v1.95).Pr0x.ipa
    MathTables (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Measures (v1.2.0).Pr0x.ipa
    MediMath (v1.7).Pr0x.ipa
    mindfreek (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    MindMaker (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    MobileStudio (v1.1.0).Prox.ipa
    My Football (v1.3).Pr0x.ipa
    myFavorites (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Naboko (v1.2).Pr0x.ipa
    NaughtyNuts Camera (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    News Envi (v1.1.1.Pr0x.ipa
    Newsstand (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    No.2 (v1.2).Pr0x.ipa
    Note Pad (v1.5).Pr0x.ipa
    nukesweeper (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Numba (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Ocarina (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Ocarina (v1.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    OrbLive (v2.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Palettes (v1.2).Pr0x.ipa
    Paradox 3000 (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Photo Hunter (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Photo Lab (v1.2).Pr0x.ipa
    PhotoArtist (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Pinch n Pop! (v1.1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    PocketGuitar (v1.2).Pr0x.ipa
    Poll Tracker 08 by Slate (v1.2).Pr0x.ipa
    Powerboat Challenge (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Powerboat Challenge (v1.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    QuadChallenge (v1.2).Pr0x.ipa
    Quip (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Record (Dictaphone) (v1.02).Pr0x.ipa
    Recorder (v6.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Sallys Salon (v1.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Save Benjis (v1.2.1).Pr0x.ipa
    School of Rock (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Scoops (v1.3).Pr0x.ipa
    SkyDrops (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    SlovoEd Deluxe English - Spanish (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    SlovoEd Deluxe English-French & French-English dictionary (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    SlovoEd_Classic_English (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Smiles (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Snap (v1.02).Pr0x.ipa
    Snap! (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Snowball (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Soccer (v1.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Soul Trapper Episode 1 - Ollie Ollie Oxen Free (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    SpaceTime (v3.0.10).Pr0x.ipa
    Special Days (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Spend (v5.8).Pr0x.ipa
    SplashID (v4.5).Pr0x.ipa
    SplashMoney (v4.5).Pr0x.ipa
    Spreadsheet (v1.02).Pr0x.ipa
    Starquake (v.1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Starquake (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Strat. Assault (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Super Mega Blackjack Extreme (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Super Pig (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    SUPER SPIKE - Volley Ball (v2.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Take A Chill Pill (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    TextGuru (v1.0.5).Pr0x.ipa
    The Chemical Touch (v1.1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    The Concise Oxford English Dictionary (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    The Converter (v0.33).Pr0x.ipa
    Tingalin (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Tip (v1.3).Pr0x.ipa
    Todo (v1.4).Pr0x.ipa
    Topple (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Toronto Traffic (v1.4.1).Pr0x.ipa
    TouchPlot (v3.3).Pr0x.ipa
    TouchType (v6.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Toxic Balls (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Trein (v1.1).Pr0x.ipa
    TriTower (v1.0.1).Pr0x.ipa
    Trivial Memory (v1.0.3).Pr0x.ipa
    Twittelator (v1.4).Pr0x.ipa
    Txtpedia (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Typing Genius (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Venger (v1.0.2).Pr0x.ipa
    VirtualPad (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Voice FX (v1.02).Pr0x.ipa
    Weightbot (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    WHack The GroundHog (v1.4).Pr0x.ipa
    Whats On Tv (v1.5).Pr0x.ipa
    Wild West Bank Robery (v1.5).Pr0x.ipa
    Wings (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Word Up (v2.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Worder (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    World Wiki Plus (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Wurdle (v1.2).Pr0x.ipa
    Xmote (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa
    Yo mama (v1.5).Pr0x.ipa
    Young Painter Plus (v1.5).Pr0x.ipa
    Zombie Invasion (v1.0).Pr0x.ipa

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