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Thread: Problem.

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    Default Problem.

    I used a kingston 2GB mmc I bought couple of months back.

    Well today I was fooling around with my fone as usual playing games and such or watching movies in smartmovie,
    well my friend wanted me to send smartmovie to him (Unkown to me he had commwarrior and caribe infected device) I said ok and went into the file system using filexplorer I found the file and prepared to send it.

    This might help I am using MsdriveE.sis which directs the SMS to the MMC instead of the phone mem.

    Well I sent the file and then I get a file back it,
    looked weird had numbers and letters jumbled up like 64d5as54d.sis,
    I was a bit suspicious so I deleted it, but it seems it already infected my Memory card.

    Well then after a long day I went home and wanted to put more films on the memory card it worked fine then I took it out and forgot to install a program and put it back in, the icon when it reads a memory card came up and then went it didnt say a memory card was inserted.

    I was a bit worried and tried putting the MMC in and out 5 times still nothing but the icon that shows its reading a memory card came up but still memory card wasnt even used or didnt come up.

    I took it out of the phone and stuck it on the computer (It has a inbuilt memory card reader) and nothing also it shows its there by reading it but nothing comes up.

    I used the commwarrior remover and caribe one it said one file was deleted in C: but 5 directories were present on the E: which is my MMC I tried using my antivirus to search the MMC but it says nothing is there.

    Anyone know how to remove the virus nothing detects the card nothing at all I can't even format it.

    I have some extremely important files on there that I failed to backup my work for instance.

    Thanks for any help.

    Also the computer see's how much is used up but it can't access it or even scan it for a virus this is taking my hair out I have to find out a way to scan and delete the commwarrior and caribe on that MMC.

    I can format the phone if it's gonna work but MMC no.
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