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Thread: Codes for Nokia phones...

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    Wink Codes for Nokia phones...

    As I was wondering on this incredible source of information, the Internet, I discovered all kind of codes for mobile phones (honestly, most of those I've found them on WAP)... sincerly, I haven't qiute had the guts to try to many of them, cause I wasn't sure what they may have done to my cell...please post here any codes that work on Nokias which you HAVE TESTED....and please explain what they do
    Look at some that I have discovered : (you might know them, so don't laugh):
    *#0000# - shows the version of the firmware of your phone
    *#92702689# - let's you acces a secret menu of your nokia phone with a few information about it... it's known as the guarantee code...
    *#67725646# - I don't know what this does...ifyou have the guts to try hasn't done nothing on my phone...
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