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  1. Dear iPmart,
    Hi I'm rushitjainin is asking for a help because I desire to have key for network acc v2.0 there was a network issues by mistake I was confused actually had posted in wrong thread didn't knew and agreed the mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience I had even discuss issues with my coordinator but he's has stop replying as I don't have a PC didn't knew rules finally I came to end where thread it should to be posted I just request you please give a last change I will make iPmart for better sorry for the previous if you desire you may check my post in blackberry application its clearly good only suddenly for a key I by mistake post for a key and it won't happen again it was confused to know the rules now please give a chance I promise I will keep iPmart good and better rest up to you sorry for a little trouble. Please understand. Please. in advance. I learn lots thinks from iPmart its awesome website to be here this I'm saying from my bottom of my heart. Cheers.
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